No update for the next couple of days, so I'm posting the betterPropaganda track for the week a bit early. Why no postings, you ask? I'm off to the Jersey shore for a few days to my parents' house to watch the dog while their away. They have a Packard Bell computer. For those of you who don't remember Packard Bells, they were more or less the standard for PCs among people who didn't want to pay a lot back in the mid-90's. Some days I just can't get on the internet at all there. So in order to save myself some frustration, I may not bother posting again until next week.

So the betterPropaganda track this week comes from Solvent. This is good music to work on a computer with I think (assuming of course, you're not using 1995 Packard Bell, in which case I'd recommend Atari Teenage Riot so that you'll feel better when you yell at it and put your foot through the monitor). Solvent is maybe a little too downtempo to dance to, but too upbeat to sit completely still. Fits in nicely with the whole Ghostly International scene, Matthew Dear and similar artists. [Also, betterPropaganda has the new single by Radio 4 online. Unfortunately, it's stream only, but if you haven't heard Party Crashers yet, it's worth taking a few minutes to check it out.]

Solvent - Operating Ease



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