RNC & Billionares for Bush

Sorry this blog does tend to get a bit political from time to time, I've just had a lot of stuff on my mind. Like this... They're building these bridges for commuters to use during the Republican National Convention in NYC. See, Penn station inconveniently spits the commuters out right where the convention is. And since these politicans don't seem to want to mingle with the commuters, these bridges are being built. Looking at this image, three things come to mind: 1) Perhaps there are other cities that they could have gone to where the security threat wouldn't be quite so high, because let's say they're more welcome there, 2) How much is going to cost to build these things? Granted, they're not the most elaborate bridges or anything, but still. And who's ultimately paying for it? and 3) I really hope that MSG still has that Alien Vs Predator poster up during the convention.

Billionares for Bush, a satirical group whose goal is be mistaken for hardcore Bush supporters, is planning The Million Billionares March the day before the election. Click to see how you can join and how you can be a billionare too. They also have some radio ads that they're trying to get on the air .


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