Google, in their constant attempt to keep us all from getting anything productive done has added a new feature to Blogger. As you've probably noticed already, blogspot blogs now have those toolbars on the top of the page. It's kind of cool that we can search them now, but what really upsets me is the "Next Blog" button. Because of this, I know that I'm now going to constantly be going to all sorts of random blogs that I would have never bothered with before. It's just too damn easy. Of course, because it's a random system, I usually end up on some pretty bad blogs and after a few hits, I'll get very bored. But there's always that possibility that if I hit it again, I'll discover the most amazing blog ever. A blog that will answer all my questions in life. Unfortunately, the most stimulating thing that the "Next Blog" button has brought me to so far as been pictures of Angelica's garden, so the search continues (Damn you Blogger!). Of course if you're getting sick of the "Next Button" madness (it doesn't take long), you can check out the new mp3 blog in the blogosphere, Heraclitus Sayz. For your regular fix of nice, lo-fi indie rock.

Stop me if you've downloaded this one already, but for those of you haven't, here's eDMX from DMX Krew. I still maintain that this guy does some great pop music. Not something that's going to find itself soon compared the Britney's of the world, but still completely and unashamedly pop. His new release, Collapse of the Wave Function, can be found over at Rephlex Records (yes, I do link to them a lot). This is a 70+ minute continuous mix that he did a little while ago.

eDMX - dj mix



Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes. mr.ed dmx rocks da house. you made my day!
(: andreas

4:15 AM, August 20, 2004  

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