RNC pictures//DJ Vadim

The last day of the RNC protests was on Thursday and my sister came to visit. We went to the protests together. It was a nice bonding experience really. Anyway, she took pictures, some of which I've posted online today. Most of these are from outside of Madison Square Garden just before the President's speech. Here are the links for anyone who's interested, I may have more coming soon:

RNC picture 1

RNC picture 2

RNC picture 3

RNC picture 4

RNC picture 5

Music today comes from Russian hip hop producer, DJ Vadim from Ninja Tune. He's probably best known for his collaboration with vocalist Sarah Jones, the ultimate femanist hip hop track, Your Revolution. That track was one of the best examples of free speech in music I ever heard of after a radio station won a legal battle with the FCC over the right to play the song. I think it's an important song with a good message to it about not selling out your body. So all you college radio DJ's out there, remember it's now considered FCC-clean. But here are some other Vadim collaborations, not released on CD.

DJ Vadim featuring Mucho - T'es Importante

DJ Vadim featuring Promote - Hold Up

DJ Vadim featuring Adao - Headline News (Revisited)

DJ Vadim - Y2K

DJ Vadim featuring Motion Man - Til Suns In Your Eyes (Prunes/Pelding Remix)



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