Anti-Bush Game//Gravenhurst

When you don't blog for a little while, you tend to miss a lot. Like the break up of the Beta Band, leaked Bjork tracks (Mouth's Cradle being my current favorite, and this. An anti-Bush video game. Here's the premise, the Bush administration has a plan to unveil their new secret weapon, Voltron, which is controlled by the five keys of the black lion. Each key is held by a different member of Bush's cabinet (but what, it gets better). So Hulk Hogan, a cancer-ridden Mr. T and "fat-ass He-man" must get the keys and defeat Bush, along the way teaming up with leftist politicans and celebrities and learning about how Bush basically been fucking up the world. In other words, it's an educational video game that features a character named "fat-ass He-man." It's an amusing game if you have an hour or so to sit and play it. I think there should be a link to this on John Kerry's web site. (thanks to Scissorkick for finding that)

Things have been sort of hectic lately and probably will be the rest of the month, so lately my mood has called for some lighter music, more of an acoustic folk sound. A bit like Kings of Convenience, but slightly darker. Enter Gravenhurst, one of the newest signings to Warp Records. This is from their new album, Flashlight Sessions, available at Warpmart and bleep.com.

Gravenhurst - The Diver



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