Why God Hates Me Today//RJD2

Avid readers of this blog may have noticed the disappearance of a recent post about my roommate search. The short version of the story is this, one of my roommates left without giving us very much notice, so we scrambled to find a new one. I had a Vietnam veteran call me with interest in the room. He was a little strange (the age difference alone was a little strange) (to any veterans, I don't hold it against all veterans, just this guy creeped me out a bit). That was basically the concept of the old post. I took it down because he was starting to freak me out a bit, and suddenly I didn't feel like taking the one in a million chance that he actually knows someone who reads this blog and that it might cause him to snap. The reason he was freaking me out was that he wouldn't stop calling me, even after I asked him to stop and told him that I'd get in touch with him. Yet this still did not stop him from calling me four times in the span of a half hour. By the first call of the night, I called him back and told him that we'd found someone else (a lie). He need told me that he had already changed his address to reflect ours despite the fact that we did not give him the room and I had told him repeatedly that other people had been looking at it. Apparently he has mail coming here, but I told him not to pick it up, that I would forward it. So that's some background for this situation.

But God hates me, you see. No, that's not really true. He just likes to create funny little scenarios, many of which involve me, because He knows I'll blog about them. So my friend and her boyfriend were considering taking the room. I told them to come over tonight to see the place and meet my other roommate. We agreed to all meet about 8 pm. So I'm at work and I was asked if I could work late. I agreed with the condition that I be out of there by 7, giving me enough time to get to Penn station and catch a 7:30 train. They said that would be fine. Next, my roommate calls me up and says that he may be late. Next, my friend calls me up to ask me if they can come early. I tell her that the earliest I can get home is a little after 8:00 and that my roommate won't be home until later. So we agree to keep the same meeting time. (This is all building up to something, I promise) So now, I must be home by 8:00. Further complicating this is that I'm going to out of town for a few days, and since there's no other time to show them the room, it's between me being home at 8:00 or living with the creepy Vietnam veteran. It gets to be 7 and I'm getting ready to leave. By this time, most everyone has gone home. Only a few people are left in the office. Among them is the cutest girl by far that my company had the good foresight to hire. She comes up to me and in an appaling lack of good timing, tells me that they're going for drinks that I really should come with them. Immediately my mind starts screaming profanities while evaluating this situation. I could go and have a really good time with an amazing beautiful girl. Unfortunately the price to pay for this is a huge let down for my friend as well as paranoia of potentially putting my and my roommate's life in danger for the duration of our year long lease. So... I made my decision (damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it) and the good news is that I may have some good roommates soon. But the bad news is... Well, let's not talk about the bad news. I'd like to take this oppurtunity to publicly apologize for all awful things I must have done in previous lifetimes. But let's have a good betterPropaganda track to cheer things up.

To anyone who says that hip hop is dying, I present to you RJD2. I saw this guy perform live, opening for Prefuse 73. Admittedly, Prefuse overshadowed him a bit (but hey, it's Prefuse 73 after all). Still RJD2 should not be discounted, as he's been gaining notice in the underground hip hop community over the years. BTW, there may not be any updates until next Tuesday as, like I said, I'll be out of town. So if you haven't already, that should give you time to hear the eDMX mix from yesterday's post.

RJD2 - Exotic Talk



Blogger the cap'n said...

Thank you for just putting all of the problems I've ever had finding a flatmate into sharp relief.Although I have had to have many,many headcases coming into the flat before now,the Vietnam Vet guy tops them all!

10:02 AM, August 20, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not to laugh at others' misfortunes, but that is hilarious. great great post. and if she's worth it, she'll be around for drinks again!!!


3:03 PM, August 27, 2004  

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