Get to know your bloggers//Explosions in the Sky

Brief update today. Tofu Hut is interviewing a bunch of the mp3 bloggers to help get to know the people behind the blogs. The story of Fluxbog is up now.

You know those bands that everyone and their mother tells you to listen to, but you never really get around to it? Well after a couple of weeks, I finally got around to hearing Explosions in the Sky. In a similar vein of Godspeed You! Black Emporer, they've got the large scale, orchestral, instrumental, almost rock sound. This is a live track, I'm currently hunting for more.

Explosions in the Sky - The Moment We Were Alone (Live in Akron, Ohio)



Blogger rawj said...

everything i've heard from them so far has been consistent. thanks for the post.

4:18 PM, September 08, 2004  
Blogger GSB said...

i heart explosions in the sky. good call, and great blog!

2:49 PM, September 14, 2004  

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