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I've told a few people about my roommate search and the Vietnam guy. A lot of people have reacted to them by either saying that it has made them feel better about their problems or by telling me far worse stories of roommates past. So I'm gonna you all a chance to vent, quasi-publicly, about your experiences. So if you have a good story, post them in the comments section of this post. I'll start. My past roommate, a friend of mine previously, decided to get married and have his wife move in (with her own key and everything), without really considering the lease violation this involved. Mind you, weddings are usually a hectic affair and somewhere in the craziness of the planning everything, they sort of forgot to tell my other roommate and I certain small details, such as the facts that they were getting married or that she was moving in. Needless to say we weren't invited. Perhaps our invitations were lost in the mail. So who else has got a good story?

Recently DJ Spooky showed Rebirth of a Nation in New York. It's something interesting that I'm very sorry to have missed actually. The idea was to remix D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation, a classic of early American cinema but sadly, filled with racist ideas and a very misguided view of America's beginnings. By remixing the film, he "hoped to create a counter-narrative, one where the story implodes on itself, one where new stories arise out the ashes of that explosion." Essentially, the idea was to counteract the racist content. And of course, there was also original music composed for the film. Here's a piece of it.

DJ Spooky - Rebirth of a Nation, Movement 1 (Rough Cut)



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solid post.
wondering if you have the song he did with Organized Konfusion via the Riddim Warfare album?

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