Prime Time Debauchery/Mouse on Mars

Obviously Atlantic City has its fair share of trashy shows, but I think this was one of the worst I saw down there last night. Although I didn't actually go to see it (it doesn't start until tomorrow), but the very concept speaks volumes. Anyway, a night in AC has left me pretty tired, and seeing as how I've got a 7 am shoot to go to tomorrow, I think I'm just going to skip right ahead to the mp3...

As amazing as Prefuse 73 is, Mouse on Mars had the glitch-pop style down for a lot longer, although in slightly a different way. Their upcoming album, Radical Connector, seems to have some of their most accessible stuff to date, with vocalist Dodo Nkishi now considered the third member of the group. The original verison of this track, called Mine Disappears, was featured on a Thrill Jockey sampler cd that came out a while ago. This new verison is set to the opening track from the new album.

Mouse on Mars - Mine Is In Yours



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