Blogging Digest/Thavius Beck

mp3blogs.org is the newest in the whole wget trend. Radio Babylon is included, among others. I like the site, the way it's taking excerpts from each of the blogs (and they pick from some of my favorites). So if reading all of these blogs everyday has gotten to be too much, now you have a nice centrally located place to get them all at once. Just remember to check back at the originals and read the whole reviews and/or rants that we write out all the time.

The selection today comes from Mush Records and Thavius Beck. It's sort of a hip hop track (if you can call it that) with some kind of dark atmospheres to it. The lyrics remind me of Losing My Edge by LCD Sound System, but with a lot more pop stars rolled off, reminding us why music will be the death of us all.

Thavius Beck - (Music Will Be) The Death of Us All



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