Job Hunting/Slipper

With exactly one month left of my college career (i.e: my current internship), it's occured to me that I am well overdue to start seriously looking for a job. I started searching this weekend for media jobs in the area. It's a little rough at the moment. Maybe I'm a little picky, but I just can't get myself to apply for a job at, say, Radio Disney. Can't do it. And of course, Fox News is out (see previous post). Well, this is what's currently occupying me. I'll update my progress on this when something starts to happen.

A former artist on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label, Slipper creates his own form of "psycho" jazz/lounge music. All the reviews I've seen for his have included the word "bizarre" in there somewhere. These are some demos from the Zoon Sandwich album, that can still stand on there own as tracks.

Slipper - Obsession

Slipper - Tooth

Slipper - Lull



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