So after a couple of weeks without posting here, I just finished a pretty big post. Or rather I almost finished it. I was just about to check one thing to make sure my facts were straight, when my computer froze up on me. I pretty loyal to my computer (it's name is Blue Calx, by the way, hence the posting name) but it is no fan of multitasking. So if I try to type a post, send an instant message, and look for information on the Jaga Jazzist site, Blue Calx begins a valant effort to do all three at once. There's always that moment when I sense that the computer is struggling, followed by a couple of minutes when I wait patiently for it process all the information and become unfrozen, followed by the point where I give up, restart and accept the fact that my posting has been lost forever and that I'll just type something else tomorrow.


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