Last Post for a Week and a Half

Sorry this is a pretty short post. In a few days I'll be flying to London so unfortunately, this will be the last update for the month. Between starting the internship (which has been going well, the people are very nice, good atmosphere there too) and today, finishing up as General Manager of WMSC, it seemed like a good time for a vacation. Sort of right in between two different experiences, something like that. But I'm leaving you guys with a nice, healthy selection of mp3's from Ghostly International. Matthew Dear has been getting pretty big on the scene and was even listed as one of the Res 10 in this month's Res magazine. Dykehouse's name has been floating around too, with a review in this month's New Music Monthly. So if you haven't heard them yet, or the others hear, do yourself a favor and take a listen.

And if those tracks aren't enough to keep you busy for the next week and a half, check out Dahlia and her band Galvanized. Any fans of Miss Kittin's solo work or Peaches should download these tracks. If you like them, her site has more and a couple of albums you can purchase if you're so inclined. Dahlia, who's a fan of this blog by the way, has been working on some really good new stuff, so keep an eye out for her. OK everyone, see you in June when I get back, I'll try to find a nice postcard.

Matthew Dear - But for You

Dykehouse - Chain Smoking

James Cotton - Beat Ya!

Midwest Product - Duckpond


Galvanized - Lovergirl

Dahlia - Deeper



Anonymous Anonymous said...

First a comment on Blogger and the necessity to register to comment. It sucks, but what doesn't is this site, thanks for introducing me to Dykehouse. I've been lamenting the dirth of new music that doesn't offend me. This is cool as is Dahlia. Thank you!!!

3:51 AM, May 27, 2004  

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