First blog news. Added a new link to the mp3 blog list. So check out Bang and Burn. They would like to share their love of Bananarama with you. Also, I've got the comments working so that anyone can post comments, not just people registered on blogger.

I went to go see Super Size Me this weekend. I don't recommend seeing it if you ever want to eat at McDonald's again. In case you haven't heard about this movie, here's the idea. It's a documentary about a guy who decided to eat nothing but McDonalds every day for an entire month. The rules were that he had to eat three square meals a day there, not eat anything that he couldn't get at McDonald's, try everything on the menu at least once, and super size the meal whenever they asked him. The film isn't really disturbing because they describe what goes into the food, it's disturbing because this guy gets pretty unhealthy and something about watching that happen to him that quickly is kind of unsettling. I've also started reading Fast Food Nation. I used to think that all of the food at McDonald's was unhealthy. Now I no longer really consider it to be food, in the same sense that you wouldn't really consider dirt to be food. It's strikes me more like a kind of non-toxic clay-type substance modeled into the shape of food with artificial flavoring. Granted, I know it's actually much worse than that, but I've only just started reading Fast Food Nation, so that's about what my impression is so far, disregarding my suspicions about what kind of "meat" they are using. Anyway, Super Size Me was a great movie, but it might make you feel a bit sick for a while after watching it.

This week we finally got a release from Montreal's Les Georges Leningrad. Their debut album, Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou came out tuesday on Alien 8 Recordings. They have a very unique, eclectic sound that reminds me a little of CocoRosie, but with an intensity and brutality about it that makes me think of the post-punk movement. The bass lines are good enough to dance to, but I can't quite call this dance punk. Everything scream lo-fi, from the distorted vocals to the harsh synths. It deserves a listen, or possible more than one. The whole album has some calmer points. Also, I hear they put on quite an impressive live show.

Les Georges Leningrad - Georges V



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