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I found a couple more links to this blog today. Thanks to Copy, Right? and Swen's Blog. Interesting question on Copy, Right? today. "What song would you like played at your funeral?" I was asked the same question recently. I said Push Th' Little Daisies by Ween. My feeling on this is that I'd really like people to be able to laugh at a distasteful joke when I'm dead. It's better than everyone crying, right? The only problem is that certain people, such as my mother, would probably not be able to appreciate the humor at a moment like that (not that my mother doesn't appreciate humor, mind you, just maybe not that particular type of humor). So, reconsidering things, I'd probably choose something off of Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works, Vol 2, just because I love that album.

But maybe that would be kinda of depressing in that situation. So here's another suggestion. If I was at a funeral, I think I would like to hear something by Mileece. I have a few reasons for this. First, her work is very minimal, so it wouldn't be overbearing on everyone. Second, with all the tiny glitch-style sounds, it tends to have a pretty warm, comforting texture to it. And third, her EP Formations is said to have been programmed as a kind of ambient musical representation of how plants grow. Maybe it's just me, but that sounds perfect for the situation. Think about it, the decaying body in the ground that eventually give new life to the plant life that will cover the grave. Alright, so maybe that idea won't work for everyone either. Regardless, her work is really incredible and worth checking out.

Mileece - Fern



Blogger No Frontin' said...

Hey, you're on my blogroll, just thought i'd let you know.

7:15 AM, May 18, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bummer i can't post with my name but it doesn't matter...

my funeral song as friends whiff my ashes - Alien Sex Fiend -- Dead and Buried.

a cool new orleans dirge would be cool, too.

4:24 AM, May 27, 2004  

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