Fluxblog posted an excerpt from a shortwave radio show called The Right Perspective today, recorded by The Professor from WFMU. It is an extremely and completely unashamed ultra right winged talk show, complete with conspiracy theories, etc. One thing I found pretty striking about it is that host's claims that he fears the liberals just as much as the terrorists. The funny thing is, I've thought the exact same thing about the ultra conservatives. In fact, here's a quiz, you get a series of statements and you have to guess who said them Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson or Usama bin Laden. But seriously, it's made me think more about the political climate in America now and how much it has changed in the last few years. But I do believe in freedom of speech, so I think this excerpt is worth listening to, maybe to remind people what the political climate is right now.

Well, on a much lighter note, Band and Burn still has a good cover of Serge Gainsbourg, among other stuff, that's worth downloading while it's still up. There's something about a Gainsbourg song sung by robots, I had to mention it here. Also, thanks to No Frontin', Just Music for adding a link for this blog. It's another blog worth your time, especially if you want to check out some of Ninja Tune's videos. And if you like the Cinematic Orchestra video, download the song here. It's actually just a coincidence, but I felt like including something a little more downtempo after the last two posts. All That You Give is from Everyday, which is a very nice chilled out jazz album. It features the likes of Patrick Carpenter, Roots Manuva, and the incredible Fontella Bass, who you can hear on this track.

Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give



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