Got the Neon Fever

Looks like Blogger's got a whole new format. I know some of the other blogs have had slight gltches lately, so if you see any problems, e-mail me.

I'm currently listening to the new Felix da Housecat album, Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever. It's incredible. If you liked Kittenz and Thee Glitz you'd probably like this too, although it's in more of a DFA-style punk dance album. It's also a lot more song oriented. It's a great album and it deserves to be posted. The bad news is that all I could find from the album so far are Real Audio files. The good news is that all these tracks are incredible and some of the best ones on the album, so it's a nice preview even if you can only stream them. What She Wants features James Murphy of DFA/LCD Soundsystem fame.

Felix da Housecat - Rocket Ride

Felix da Housecat featuring James Murphy - What She Wants

Felix da Housecat - Watching Cars Go By (Cyberwhore)

Felix da Housecat - Ready 2 Wear



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