Are We Popping?

First of all, a big thanks to Fluxblog and Tofu Hut, for linking to this blog. If you haven't seen either of them yet, they're both worth a daily visit. Here's what Tofu Hut had to say: "Where the heck has Radio Babylon been hiding? Hustle over and snap up the bushel and a peck of Bjork rarities while they last and then see what else you can scare up. Get in on the ground floor; this is bound to blow up shortly." A few days ago, it was mostly just my friends going to this blog, but these guys are pretty big in the mp3 blog-o-sphere, so I feel kind of important now.

Speaking of links, I've got some good links on the sidebar now. A lot of the blogs update daily. Some stuff worth hearing now, Kelley Polar Quartet at Fluxblog, Mummy Fortuna's Theater Co at Music (for Robots), and Nico at Said the Gramophone.

Björk has a new Quicktime movie up for the new album. In it, Björk mentions some of the collaborators she's been working with, including Valgeir, Matmos, and Dokaka, among others. You can see the movie here.

Now onto your mp3. Broken Spindles is a side project of Joel Peterson of The Faint. The new album, Fulfilled/Complete, is out now on Saddle Creek Records. I would highly recommend it to anyone wants to hear something like The Faint with some string-based songs mixed in. This is a track from the self-titled, debut album which I bought from the live keyboardist from Broken Spindles when I saw them at the 2002 CMJ Music Marathon.

Broken Spindles - Downtown Venues



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