"Fuck! Norwegians are amazing."

Ok, I'm trying to get back on a regular blogging schedule now. London was great. I went to Homelands, which I'll probably talk more about this week. I also spent some time at Speakers Corner, where I saw some people stand up and speak their minds, regardless of how crazy they might have been. The most intesting of them was Diana. But I'll talk more about all of this stuff later this week.

Updates from the mp3 blogosphere over the past couple of weeks. Zero G Web is now Fat Planet. If you haven't already, go there for some new international music downloads. Mike over at Losing My Edge has started blogging again, with a new design. It was the first mp3 blog I started reading after the LCD Soundsystem reference caught my eye. A newer blog, Scissor Kick is becoming one of my favorites, with tracks from Sixtoo, Blockhead and Console already up, not to mention a couple from the new Boom Bip Ep. And if that's still not enough music for you, check out Uncritical and 33rpm. There are a lot of you guys out there with blogs lately, so if I'm you have one that's not linked from here and you want it to be, let me know. I don't have a problem whoring out my sidebar to good mp3 blogs.

I've had a few days to kind of relax a little so I've been spending them watching the new Ninja Tune Video Retrospective, Zen TV. Featured on there are all the Mr. Scruff videos, Kid Koala's Basin Street Blues, and Coldcut's classic More Beats and Pieces. But more than anything, this DVD has gotten me in the mood for one of my favorite Norwegian groups, Jaga Jazzist. The best way I can describe them is like a mix between DJ Food, Stereolab and Squarepusher. This track comes from their album, A Living Room Hush.

Jaga Jazzist - Lithuania



Blogger Steve said...

Jaga Jazzist is one of my favorites as well. Look for them touring near you soon. I have been a fan for years. Check the Lars Horntveth and Kim Hiorthoy solo stuff. Maybe I'll post something tomorrow. Really nice, very similar vibe.

5:36 PM, June 10, 2004  
Blogger bluecalx2 said...

Yeah, I just saw that Jaga is playing in NYC at the Knitting Factory on July 6th with Sixtoo and P-Love. I'm tentatively planning on being there for it.

11:50 PM, June 10, 2004  

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