More of my liberal bias

Ok, well there's a lot to comment about again, but I'm keeping this session of my debate commentary shorter. This is from the third presidential debate. I promise that my next post will be coming soon (and it'll actually have music on it) (really).

-Did anyone else hear this or was it just me? Bush said that Kerry has not voted on any health care reforms and I swear I heard someone cheer. My understanding is that under the rules of these debates, Bush should have had time taken away from his closing arguments, as the debates are supposed to be completely silent from the audience.

-My current favorite Bush quote: "With all due respect, I don't think it's wise to trust leading news sources on... oh, nevermind." Oops, almost offended your buddy Rupert there.

-Bush: "Look at other countries who have tried government funded health care." Yup, he's now officially insulted every single other industrialized nation in the world, but suggesting that universal health care is a bad move. And exactly who is envious of our health care system?

-Remember back in the mid-90's when the phone companies were fighting with each other. Everyday you'd see a new commercial from company X about how company Y was lying to you about their phone plans, followed by a commercial from company Y about how company X was lying to you much worse. And this would just keep repeating with additional phone companies coming into the fight, until finally you just gave up completely and isolated . That what these debates remind me of. So if you want to know how each side is slanting these arguments in their favor, I recommend spinsanity.org


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