Eyes Upon the Eyes//DJ Shadow with Zach de la Rocha

Listening to the new Saul Williams cd the other day, I was thinking about Zach de la Rocha's vocal contribution to the song Act III Scene 2 (Shakespeare). It got me thinking again, is Zach's album ever going to come out? I'm actually quite surprised that we haven't heard more from him lately considering now is definitely the time that people would be listening. So I took a visit to his web site to see if anything was up. Turns out that he's got a new single, available on iTunes, that will be featured on an upcoming Fahrenheit 9/11 compilation cd (which is by the way, the only compilation I know of featuring The Clash, The Dixie Chicks, and Justin Timberlake, although fortunately not all on the same track). The track is called We Want It All and was co-produced by Trent Reznor. I also stumbled across a new poem of his, called Eyes Upon the Eyes written during the Fox News protest during the Republican National Convention in New York. I was at that protest, so it's funny to read something by Zach de la Rocha and realize that you're one of the people he's writing about. But since we haven't heard from Zach in a while, I thought I'd post an older track that he did with DJ Shadow before the Iraq War started. It was available for a while on marchofdeath.com. The lyrics are still on the site, and I have the mp3 here for anyone who missed it before.

DJ Shadow and Zach de la Rocha - March of Death


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