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First day of work down. It's incredible how well my employers have been able to create a job with so much responsiblity and that's yet be so low on the company totem pole. No matter though. My desk is conveniently located away from just about everyone except for a woman whose job seems to consist of making arts and crafts (I assume they will one day be props on a show). I'm also have a rather larger desk for someone who just started, but I understand that it will soon be buried underneath a mound of production binders (each with their own mistakes in them that I must fix). Much of the paperwork that I'm working seems to be encoded so that no human being can actually read it. Well, one day down, 120 or so days to go, possibly more if it becomes a permanent position.

The name Drums & Tuba says a lot about the sound, but really there's a lot more going on there. Their last album came out on Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe Records label. The sound consists of drums, tuba (obviously enough), guitar and electronics to create a very diverse groove sound. They remind me a bit of Stereolab and even more so Tortoise, but really Drums & Tuba have their own sound entirely.

Drums & Tuba - The Mummy



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