Human beatboxing is still alive and well it seems. Shlomo provided some of the beats on Björk's new album. The more I think of it, her choice of collaborators seems funny on Medulla. On one hand, there's Tagaq, the throat singer from Greenland, and then there are the more pop sounding artists like Razhel and Shlomo. There's even Dokaka, which is almost a ridiculous form of pop music, a pretty far cry from Tagaq anyway. I feel like she's simultaneously moved in both a pop and avant garde direction at once, to the point where Medulla is almost two different albums (compare Who Is It with Ancestors, and it's almost hard to believe they're on the same CD, other than the all vocal idea). I still actually like the album a lot though, even though it's gotten a lot of mixed opinions. Anyway, this was one of the beatbox collaborators, with some of his solo stuff. Shlomo performed on the single, Oceania.

Shlomo & Lay-Z - Lay-Z Bones

Shlomo - Freestyle 1

Shlomo - Drum n Bass

Shlomo - Freestyle 2

Shlomo - Trance

Shlomo - Freestyle 3

Shlomo live on Radio 1 (interview and live beatboxing)



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