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Back to blogging on a regular basis (with music again). I have a lot of stuff that I've missed out on updating, so I'm going to try to catch up with it all. First of all, blogging news and some new links I've added over the past few weeks. Please take up some of your disk/ipod space with downloads from Aurgasm (listen to Cinematic Orchestra and Skalpel), Dozer (To Rococo Rot and Venetian Snares) and Edit 209 (bootlegs!). New nonmusic blogs include Loveecstasycrime, sort of a blog of a blog addict, with postings about politics and music too. And who knew that Salam Pax has had a new blog for a few months now. It doesn't update as often as the old one, but it can offers some good insight into the current state of a Iraq from someone who's been living in Baghdad. The new one is called (admittedly somewhat less poetically) Shut Up You Fat Whiner!

Also, today John over at Tofu Hut posted his interview with me, as part of his Meet the Neighbors blog reviewing. You can read it here. In it, he describes my method of blogging (ie: not paying for hosting and getting my mp3's from elsewhere) as "skanky." And well, I suppose he's right. But here's my reasoning, there are a ton of great mp3's online already. I just put some of my favorites together in one place. That and the fact that most of my money was going towards playing rent, etc. for a while. But admittedly, there's a lot of great stuff that I'm not able to post because it doesn't exist online, so maybe the future of Radio Babylon will include some host based stuff once the money's a bit more steady (it's getting there). Until then, I'm still finding a ton of good music online, so I will continue to skank it up for a little while. (By the way, that interview appears in the same post as some amazing songs by DJ Shadow and Kraftwerk, which should be heard by all).

Which brings us to today's song, a new track from Beans. Unfortunately, Beans usually makes me nostalgic for the old days before Anti-Pop Consortium broke up. After going their seperate ways, Beans seems to have focused on a more accessible hip hop song. Not quite as exciting as the experimental Anti-Pop sound in my opinion, but every once in a while he can still make an amazing track. Diamond Halo Grenade has more of a glitch hop feel that most of the tracks on his solo album. It reminds me a little of the Prefuse 73 remix of his track, Mutescreamer.

Beans - Diamond Halo Grenade



Blogger John said...

Dude, I didn't say YOU were skanky; I said that hotlinking to personally owned sites was skanky but then took pains to say that I actually AGREE with the method that YOU use to disperse music (hotlinking LABEL OWNED AND HOSTED MP3'S) as it only serves to increase the scattershot pattern that a label WANTS.

Sorry if I didn't make that clear enough. You are not skanky, in my opinion.

I tried to go see Beans live last night but when we arrived at the club he was supposed to be playing at (Rothko), it was shuttered and numerous hipsters were milling about outside. Go figure. Good track, tho.

3:56 PM, October 19, 2004  
Blogger John said...

I _DO_ think it's good that you're listing your sources now as well.

3:57 PM, October 19, 2004  
Blogger Robert said...

thanks muchly for the link...and another cool-ass mp3!

5:38 PM, October 19, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

personally, i love your skankiness. if it's any consolation, i'm a skank too :)

5:07 PM, October 20, 2004  

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