Why I Am Now Officially a Liberal

First of all, a bit thanks to Ryan for helping me get a gmail account. Unfortunately, my computer for some reason can't access the site to actually sign up for it right now or any gmail site for that matter. Hopefully that's just a temporary thing though. Still, thanks for the invite.

Ok, now it seems that the California Patriot, a conservative newspaper based in Berkley California, has been making fun of me. One of my professors from last year brought this to my attention yesterday. Here's the story. Last year this professor tried out a class called "How to Watch Television." You may have heard Jay Leno making fun of this class, because, let's face it, from the title it sounds kind of dumb. And I worry that a few people actually did take the class because they thought that it would contain detailed instructions on how to operate a remote control. Despite the poor choice of a course name, it actually was a pretty in depth class in terms of teaching how television as a medium of a communication, as well as various biases within the media industry. My guess is a class of this nature doesn't sit too well with many conservatives (although if any conservatives do read this and don't agree, let me know), which is why they wrote an article attacking the class. The cited an article written by one of the university's online magazines, called Insights, that I had been quoted in. I was asked to give my opinion about the class. Now first of all, they misquoted me (I never said the "in front of the screen" part), but I'll let Insights take the blame for that one. Even so, I have to commend the California Patriot for being able to take a misquote out of context. Now in our current heated political climate in the US, I can see that both sides have valid concerns, although I do consider myself to be hopelessly liberal. But I think this cements it. Being made fun of in a conversative publication seems like one of those honors usually reserved for the likes of Michael Moore or Ralph Nader, although on a much, much smaller scale. I think this will make my mom proud. Read the article here (scroll down to "Higher Education Turns to Television").

Ok, on a completely different note, your mp3 of the day comes from an artist on Mush Records. Another experimental hip hop, Octavius has one of the best albums I've heard on Mush, second only to cLOUDDEAD.

Octavius - Sudden and Increasingly Strange Behavior



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