Intergalatic Autobahn

So I was thinking about what kind of girl I need to find. I think what I really want is a girl who I can float around in space with for a while. Then we'll slowly start to disintegrate and fall back down to earth. We'd land on a small ship in the middle of the arctic circle where we'd form back into our bodies and watch glaciers. Then we'd float onto shore where we'd watch volcanoes erupting in the distance from the safety of a nearby cliff, with the glacier still behind us. Then she'd whisper something in Norweigan that neither of us could understand. This the direction my mind moves in when I go to a Peaches show, fall asleep listening to Erlend Øye's DJ-Kicks compilation, and wake up listening to the new Sigur Rós EP, Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do.

Seeing Peaches live was an experience. We got a little bit of crotch action (my friend Gina took pictures to get onto the Peaches Crotch Gallery, but Peaches was running around the stage too much. I told her that if they didn't accept them, I'd post her pictures here), but we didn't get any fake blood spat at us. Maybe next time. Iggy Pop was there too, kind of. Well it was just a video projection of him, but Peaches still did a pretty nice duet with it. Over all, it was a sex-tacular show, but I don't think Peaches is the woman for me. Sorry, but the curly mullet thing just isn't doing it.

The opening acts were good too. A couple of electro-clash German girls called Electrocute and an Austin based rock band, Young Heart Attack. Even though it's not the type of thing I'd usually post, today's link comes from them. It's a song called Misty Rowe, about a girl the lead singer used to like in high school. If by some weird chance she makes her way to this blog, maybe he'll get lucky...

Young Heart Attack - Misty Rowe