First off, to John at Tofu Hut, sorry about pointing out the skanky remark and taking it out of context a bit. I kid of course. It was too good not to mention, but I have nothing but respect for the Hut.

Oh, an update on a track the 808 State tracks that I posted a little while ago (I meant to post this since my brief hiatus started). Rephlex recently released some old stuff by them, including an EP of New Order remixes they used to play live and Prebuild, a collection of early demos from the days when Gerald Simpson was still with them. I got a copy of Prebuild (which takes its name from the first 808 State release, Newbuild, also available on Rephlex) and it's an incredible cd. The Gerald Simpson tracks are some amazing lo-fi, particularly Cosacosa. A must for any 808 State or acid house people out there. I think it actually rivals Newbuild.

In my searches for some new To Rococo Rot tracks, I came across Tarwater, a side project from TRR's Ronald Lippok. These are the bands that become the logical extension of German krautrock, like a current day Can. But the sound isn't Can, Neu, Kraftwerk or any of the original krautrock artists. Instead it draws some its influence (along with those artists) from modern, minimalist electronic experiments. So while it can be pretty glitchy, there's a familar feel to it, more of a human fault than computer error.

Tarwater - Visit (To Rococo Rot Mix)



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Nothin' sounds quite like an 8...0...8...

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