So while I was on my lunch break today, I was walking around 50th & 6th in Manhattan. I was stopped by a man in his 70's or so. "Fuck Bush!" he said. Then he handed a flyer explaining his problems with Bush and Kerry. It included a note that urged everyone to make copies, "pass them around your neighborhood, pin one to your boss's behind. Joy!" It then went on to explain his beliefs that both Bush and Kerry were slaves to the military-industrial complex. He also urged people to stop watching television, suggesting that we'd be in a revolution within a year if 10% of the population stopped watching TV. He ended with a line that I really liked, "If you are young enough to understand, then accept & be one of the 10%. If not, trudge on and be one of the eaten." Well, it looks like at least one older person has taken Bush Sr.'s advice to get out and be active in the autumn years. I liked the fact that this guy was out there, speaking his mind, but I think that maybe his proposal was oversimplified a little. I don't think that television should be attacked as a technology, but rather some of the stuff that tends to be produced on it. Basically, I think an awareness is more important than just throwing your television out of the window. But I was pretty surprised to see a commercial for Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 on a Viacom owned station. Maybe that says something about our country now. Or maybe winning at Cannes says something about the film.

Ok, enough with the rant for today. Now for some very, very lo-fi dance music from German group, Bodenständig 2000, who had a release on Rephlex a while ago. This is for all the MIDI junkies. If the 8 bit version isn't lo-fi enough for you, try the 4 bit version.

Bodenständig 2000 - In Rock (8 bit version)

Bodenständig 2000 - In Rock (4 bit version)



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