I'm trying something new on the blog now. I'm going to start posting some of the abstract pictures that I've taken along with the mp3's. They'll just be up for a limited time, probably a week or so before I take them down. I don't remember what this was supposed to be a picture of. Today's another short one, but first, some news. Tofu Hut is posting again! It seems that for a while he was having some technical problems with hosting and with his e-mail. Apparently, there's something about the old iBooks and the gmail site because I've been having the same problem. I do actually have a new e-mail address, radiobabylon@gmail.com, but I can't currently check it on my home computer. So I'm probably not going to change the sidebar link until I get that sorted out.

A couple of years ago I wondered when I would find an artist that I really liked who was younger than me (I'm 22). So I started to think about younger artists that I know of. There are a few, but I couldn't think of any that were really amazing. Then Jimmy Edgar came to my attention when he was signed to Warp Records. Being 20 years old and on Warp is pretty impressive on its own, but his mix of the early Detroit techno sound with electro hip hop elements is what really struck me. This is a hidden track from his web site, written under the name Morris Nightengale, with "vocals by a random crackhead on the streets in Detroit."

Morris Nightengale - Check Out My Gold Tooth



Blogger ryan said...

well i'll be obliged to help out again: gmail doesn't work in safari, use a netscape browser (i.e. firefox) and you'll be cool.

2:14 AM, June 16, 2004  
Blogger bluecalx2 said...

The gmail problem doesn't seem to be a problem with my browser. I had that problem at work. But on my computer here, I can't get the site to load at all. That's why I was surprised to hear about the same problem on Tofu Hut's post a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure why that it would be the case, but maybe there's some problem with the old iBooks accessing that site. Either way, I'm still helping out at my college radio station for the summer and the account works fine over there. I've been looking into getting a new computer anyway, when I have the money, until then I'm going to keep trying to get things sorted out here.

11:54 PM, June 16, 2004  

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