You know that Aphex Twin song, Milkman? Ever wonder what that voice is saying at the beginning of the track? Imagine what could have been had Richard James made it to Top of the Pops.

I've been meaning to post something by Oval for a while now. Although Oval is a full band (their first album featured full vocal tracks), it is really the creation of Markus Popp, one half of Microstoria with Jan St. Werner from Mouse on Mars. The source material for Oval's sound is sampled from compact discs with scratches or paint on the surface. While this may sound like of gimmicky at first, there is something kind of sublime, mysterious and relaxing about the result. Lately the sound has become more computer based and even more complex, as was Popp's latest side project, So, with Japanese artist, Eri. Anyone who understands this sound (or at least enjoys it) should do themselves a favor and check out the rest of Oval's back catalogue, he doesn't disappoint.

Oval - Zentrik



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