I'm slowly finding my way into a real job I think, or at least that type of lifestyle. My internship has me coming in an extra day this week, which I suppose is a good thing. Four days instead of three, still not quite full time though. Right now they have me working on shows for The History Channel, the Food Network, Women's Entertainment and the Discovery Health Channel. The show for Discovery Health is about autopsies. I work on that one on Fridays. It makes for interesting conversation because I get to watch the autopsies in their entirety, including everything that will never make it to television. It takes a little getting used to, but I have to admit I get kind of a cheap laugh at other people's reactions to this, particularly because the monitor I use to watch these autopsies is in direct view from the kitchen area at the company. Actually that sort of works to my disadvantage because people do eat over there and one thing I've learned is that while you're watching organs being taking out of a motionless body, you don't want to have to smell anything. But I do gets some cheap fun out of discussing my work very loudly in large crowds. This weekend for example, I got some good looks by saying things like, "And then the doctor stuck her finger right through the bullet hole in the woman's brain." I guess maybe this is a little sick of me, but honestly it is pretty interesting to watch once you get past how creepy it is.

Ok, music. For those who liked the Animals on Wheels tracks from last week, here's more by Andrew Coleman. These songs are a bit more minimal sounding and more keyboard based. Pi One makes me picture someone playing a Casio on Mars. Is it just me?

Andrew Coleman - Pi One

Andrew Coleman - Too Early By Far

Andrew Coleman - Bucket Rider



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