Petri Dish Music

I was just checking out the web site for Jakalope, the new project from Skinny Puppy producer, Dave "Rave" Oglivie. He's been working with the likes of Katie B, the Sons of Freedom, and unfortunately, Trent Reznor. I say unfortunately not because I don't like Trent Reznor. Actually Nine Inch Nails was one of my favorite bands growing up. But it seems that everything that Reznor touches ends up getting delayed over and over again. Remember when Zach De La Rocha was working on his solo album? But maybe we'll get lucky this time. Anyway, I was on the site and I was pretty impressed by the music in the background. I'm hoping that a lot of the album will sound like that. Just simple, calming, ambient texture music. Perfect music for a petri dish, which is the only other thing on the web site.

Riz Malsen, better known as Neotropic, is one of those names that you don't hear often enough. There's something very interesting, very different about her music. It sounds organic, but not in anyway that I've heard before. If Jakalope is the music that looks at a petri dish, then Neotropic is being inside it. Alternating between wide open spaces and microscopic points. She was originally signed to Ninja Tune's N Tone label before making her new home on Mush Records. This is from her new album, White Rabbits.

Neotropic - Inch Inch



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