Back with the Braindance

Ok, so last week was a slow one for Radio Babylon. It was a combination of being sick and having to work late one night. At my internship I was asked to stay a couple of hours late to work on a show for the Women's Entertainment channel. There was quite a lot of transcribing to do for this show which people have been working on for weeks now. So I was asked to stay late and finish all the rest of the tapes, transcribing the final hours worth of interviews needed for this show. Now transcribing is not a particularly fun job. I'd witnessed many people getting ready to rip their hair out after a few hours at the viewing stations. So I felt good about doing this because afterwards, it would be done forever (for this show anyway). So this is why I agreed to it. Well that and they paid me extra for it. Now this wouldn't be too terrible a task if the the subject matter of the interviews was interesting. Sadly, this was not so. I've never watched anything on the Women's Entertainment channel before, but after this experience, I can say that if I was a woman I would hate this channel for giving pandering to all the stereotypes of their gender-biased demographic. In other words, this was basically a show about gossip. Where was this or that famous person last seen eating? Who are they dating now? When is their new clothing line coming out? Maybe I'm just a little bitter because I had to watch this for hours (the girl who paid me to work overtime also apologized to me many times), maybe it's because after seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 I really wanted to punch Britney Spears in the face, or maybe it's because this show has inspired Radio Babylon strange dream #1. In this dream, I am eating lunch with the Olsen twins who are devouring starving Ethiopian orphan children and then vomiting them back up to maintain their twig-ish figures. At any rate, that's why I haven't been blogging as much lately.

Elsewhere, I've become very impressed with The First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra. As the name suggests, these guys have created all of their instruments out of vegetables. The web site also has a lot of pictures of the instruments and some excerpts from their albums. Granted, the music isn't something that's going to start any movements or anything, but I give them a lot of credit for trying something different and doing it with such a passion. I'm currently trying to find an album by them. Anyone know of anywhere that I can order it without having to place an order to Austria?

Also, the message boards at We Are the Music Makers is back online. A while back, WATMM was one of the best resources for information about Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, Autechre, and all things braindance. Which brings us to today's music (6 tracks today to make up for last week). Today's music is all unreleased from Cylob. The mixture of ambient, idm, drum n bass, UK acid, and the general experimental braindance sound is what defines Aphex Twin's Rephlex Records label. So here's Cylob's Braindance Anthem and some other tracks that weren't included on any album (or the porno soundtracks that he supposedly produces).

Cylob - I Believe in Braindance (The Braindance Anthem)

Cylob - Eldritch

Cylob - Grandular Psychosis

Cylob - Set Off Gamelan

Cylob - Cutting Remarks

Cylob - Rewind (live at Bayside Jenny, Osaka, Japan 1998)



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