cold opening today: My discman used to beep at me when I changed tracks. Last night it stopped and it has been throwing me off all day. I keep expecting to hear that little beep. It's surprising how that can affect my whole day. Aaaaaaaaaanyway....

Björk week, part 2

I first heard Dokaka about the time I decided to start this blog. He's a Japanese drummer who used to hum along to music as a kid, except that he was actually really good at it. So now that he's older, someone suggested recording him. He's done cover versions of everyone from Miles Davis to Nirvana with every instrument done by his own voice. It's actually something to hear. Word about Dokaka eventually got to Björk who asked him to collaborate on her next album. I'm not a big metal fan, I'm particularly impressed by these covers, so here are Slayer's "Angel of Death" and Iron Maiden's "The Trooper." There are more tracks available on dokaka.com.

Dokaka - Angel of Death

Dokaka - The Trooper