Bjork week, part 3

Today's Björk related tracks come from 808 State. One of the founders of 808 State, Graham Massey, got a message one day from "an Icelandic singer," asking if he'd be interested in collaborating. Long story short, Massey became one of the major producer/collaborators on Post and Björk sang on a couple of 808 State songs. Their web site has a ton of free downloads, mostly demos, and a picture of Björk performing with them on the download page. According to the remarks, the Rough Mix of Q-Mart was done for Björk. Rather than say much else about these tracks, I picked out what I think are the best ones, from their early rough style of acid house that strongly influenced the likes of Aphex Twin to their more recent unique brand of electronica. If you like these, there are a lot more on their site.

808 State - Q-Mart (Rough Mix)

808 State - Acid Jam (Live at Manchester New Century Hall Rave)

808 State - Bartong Bridge

808 State - Yoyo (Long Organs)