110: Amon Tobin//Airborn Audio

Often times I'm asked by young, bright eyed new bloggers what advice I would offer them as they start off. I usually say how important it is to update on a regular basis. If you only update every once few weeks or so, people tend not to read your blog as much, I tell them. People may also think that your lazy or undisciplined in your blogging habits. Ok, so I'm a litte late with my first blog of the new year, partly because of work, partly because I now have a new computer and I'm still transfering all my old files on here. But when I found these new tracks from Ninja Tune, I knew it was time to blog again. Despite, my slipping a bit, if you'd like to nominate me (or perhaps someone a little more deserving, like Fluxblog) for a bloggie, you can do so here. Oh, and I'm tentatively planning to do an internet radio show this weekend. The time is yet to be determined, but I'll post it and the address to listen in by friday.

New music! Amon Tobin, the Brazil born master beat sampler and creator of one of my favorite albums (Supermodified), has got a new one coming soon called Chaos Theory. In my opinion, Tobin is right up there with Squarepusher for mastery of electronic beats. His new single is The Lighthouse.

Since the breakup of Anti Pop Consortium, Beans has had several releases on Warp Records. Now APC's High Priest and M. Sayyid have returned with Airborn Audio, which reminds me of the experimental hip hop sound of Anti Pop's Arrhytmia more than Beans' solo work, which is a little poppier to me. Bright Lights has been growing on me with every listen.

Amon Tobin - The Lighthouse

Airborn Audio - Bright Lights



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