109: Hell Interface

This will be my last post before I to go stay with my parents for a few days. Figured it's only fitting to put some holiday music up. Last year, I did a radio show before Christmas where I played about an hour of experimental, thrashy sounding electronic Christmas sounds from the various Christmas releases on V/VM Test Records. With the responses to that show in mind (some of the most interesting I ever got during my four years on college radio, although not all positive ones), I've decided to post something from the V/VM collection, Whine & Missingtoe, that's a bit more mellow than the others. Kind of an ambient Christmas. Hell Interface is an alias of Boards of Canada, although it's a little hard to find their music. If you'd like something a little more challenging to the ear, you can download the rest of the CD at the link below.

Hell Interface - Soylent Night



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