Evidently, after about a week of having my own hosting and posting only one track on it, I ran out of my monthly bandwidth. Apparently when I was purchasing my web space I underestimated my readership on this blog (thanks for that by the way). So I am debating upgrading, since I have a ton of stuff that's currently very blog-worthy. But unfortunately, for the time being, downloads of AFX or Meat Beat Manifesto probably won't work. Apologies for the inconvenience. I shall try to make it up to everyone soon.


119: AFX,etc

Ok, it's been a little while and I have the day off today, I'm sticking four updates worth of material in one post today, but with some shorter reviews than usual.

First up, punk-funk. I've resisted the temptation to post an mp3 by LCD Soundsystem, for the simple reason that between all the blogs, it was getting to the point where almost every track had been posted (although if I were to post one, it'd be Too Much Love, which I don't think has been getting the attention it deserves). Fortunately, The KBC fits in nicely with the current DFA-esque dance punk scene. Rumor has it that this one of James Murphy's current favorites. (side note: I'm seeing LCD at Bowery on April 2nd, how else is going?) These are both demos from the band's site. I particularly like Poisonous Emblem.

The KBC - Poisonous Emblem
The KBC - Best in the Business

German post-krautrock. Music AM reminds me of the same kind of chilled out, glitchy almost trip hoppy sound that I've enjoyed from To Rococo Rot for years. Pandatone doesn't excite me as much, but it's still good and I'm throwing it in there because it's along the same lines.

Music AM - Supercharger

Pandatone - Night to Play

Glitch hop. I don't know too much about Apparat, except that he's been involved with electronic music for over a decade and he was one of the last artists to be features on John Peel's show. This is a 48 minute live set from Barcelona.

Apparat live in Barcelona, December 2003

UK Acid. Aphex Twin's Analord series has been progressing nicely with 2 new EP's out every month. The only place that I've been able to pick these releases up has been Other Music, so I've been stopping there a lot recently to pick these up. It looks like these EP's could turn out to be a good investment too. The now sold out limited edition of Analord 10 with the collector's case is already selling on eBay for up to $400. It's possible that Richard James might do what he did with the Caustic Window EP's and release a CD compilation of the best tracks from the series in the future, but even if he does, it might not have every track included. So far I've picked up the first four in the series and each one tends to be better than the last. Analord 1 has some of the fastest (and shortest) tracks so far, but overall the songs are less experimental than some of his recent work, like drukqs or the Windowlicker EP. These are, in my opinion, the best tracks from the series so far. Crying In Your Face, from Analord 4, is Aphex Twin at his best, the type of song that lets your mind wander while you dance. Boxing Day, the opening track on Analord 3, shows a hint of sonically complex and beautiful this music can be, particularly that brief piece of feedback that was begging to fit its way into the song at that moment. If you haven't up anything from this series yet, I highly recommend it. Analord 5 should be out in a few weeks.

(note: Hosting is down right now, sorry)
AFX - Crying In Your Face
AFX - Boxing Day


118: Meat Beat Manifesto

This blog now has web space, I have converted from being a purely link-based mp3 blog to have my own hosting. I never did it before because I felt like there was plenty of great music on the internet already, that could benefit just being pointed out. I still think that's true, in fact I've still got a nice list of linkable music that I haven't had a chance to blog about. So I'm going to continue to post those too. But frankly, there are a lot of amazing artists who I can't find online. Also, I occasionally receive albums from various labels looking for reviews, some of which is amazing. I'm happy to happy, but it helps to have some audio I can share with people. Now I know you're all blog savvy people and everything, but just to be clear, I feel obligued to add a little downloading disclaimer on the sidebar, which will go up shortly (something to the effect of they're just here temporarily and if you're the artist, label, etc, bug me and I'll take them down) along with some new links for the blogroll that I've been meaning to put up. Any other link blogs converted so far?

And I think it's only appropriate that my first hosted track be from Meat Beat Manifesto, one of the favorite artists. Originally recorded in 1989, this version was remade in 1997 for the Original Fire EP. This track, among others by MBM, was influential for Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers. That and it was the song that was playing on my stereo when I first started this blog, although that's probably a bit obvious.

(Note: hosting is down right now)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon

117: Problem solved

My mp3 quiry has been taken care of, thanks for the very quick responses. Incidently, the nmp3_ripper program was one of the ones that gave me some problems, so iTunes it is.