130: Bloc Party Remixed (Contest)

I'm still hosting the contest for free Bloc Party swag. Read about it below this review.

There's a handful of bands that I've always considered to be sort of blogger success stories, that is favorites among the blogosphere that have gotten pretty big and gained recognition across the music scene. Often I'm tempted to stop paying attention to a band when they become too big. It's not so much a mainstream thing, as much as a sign that maybe they've run their course on my iPod. But I still like Bloc Party.

The second curse is sometimes the remix album. Silent Alarm Remixed is coming out this tuesday and while I can't claim that these are the most drastic re-inventions ever, they tend to compliment the original songs pretty well, something that's often lacking in a remix album. Besides the fact that the remixers include the likes of Ladytron, Four Tet, M83, Phones, Mogwai, DFA's Automato, and Death from Above 1979. To sweeten the deal, they've included b-sides and acoustic tracks, for the less remix inclined among us.

[Contest is done, thanks for entering. If you did]

[Sorry, I had to take the link to download the album down. I had agreed to only host it for a limited time. Suppose you should have gotten here sooner, eh?]


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