134: Björk & Bogdan Raczynski

A while back there were rumors about Björk and Polish idm artist Bogdan Raczynski doing some music together. It was a little disappointing to see that it didn't make it onto Medulla, though I wasn't very surprised. Even though Björk was willing to add a extra layer of silliness to the album in the form of Japanese beatbox artist, Dokaka, his input was minimal. Bogdan, on the other hand, is no minimalist. Having him on the album would have alienated a lot of fans who can't keep up with the energic 200+ beat per minute, high pitched drum n bass that he is famous for. Well now Rephlex is putting it out. But their usually, cryptic way, it's being released simply as Who Is It (Shooting Stars & Asteroids Mix), with no publicity given to the fact that it's a collaboration between Björk and Bogdan. Fortunately, Björk's web site fills in the gaps for us, explaining that this song, originally called Embrace Fortress, was the original version of Who Is It, created with Bogdan Raczynski. A couple of mp3 samples are below. The release comes out on Rephlex on Nov. 21.

Björk & Bogdan Raczynski - Who Is It (Shooting Stars & Asteroids Mix) (sample 1)
Björk & Bogdan Raczynski - Who Is It (Shooting Stars & Asteroids Mix) (sample 2)



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