109: Hell Interface

This will be my last post before I to go stay with my parents for a few days. Figured it's only fitting to put some holiday music up. Last year, I did a radio show before Christmas where I played about an hour of experimental, thrashy sounding electronic Christmas sounds from the various Christmas releases on V/VM Test Records. With the responses to that show in mind (some of the most interesting I ever got during my four years on college radio, although not all positive ones), I've decided to post something from the V/VM collection, Whine & Missingtoe, that's a bit more mellow than the others. Kind of an ambient Christmas. Hell Interface is an alias of Boards of Canada, although it's a little hard to find their music. If you'd like something a little more challenging to the ear, you can download the rest of the CD at the link below.

Hell Interface - Soylent Night



108: Global Goon

Today we have something from Aphex Twin's old roommate, Johnny Hawk, otherwise known as Global Goon. Apparently living with Richard James rubbed off a bit on him. When he first started recording his downtempo leftfield electronica on Rephlex Records, rumor had it that it was actually another Aphex Twin's many aliases. Hawk's new album, Family Glue, is his first break from the Rephlex crew, being released on Audio Dregs.

Global Goon - Dead Weird Keks



107: Phoenix

Pop music from France. From Alphabetical, one of the best albums I've heard this year.

Phoenix - Everything is Everything



106: Solotempo

German made glitch-hop/pop. Along the same lines as Funkstörung, etc.

Solotempo - Egoist (Raf La Spoink & Superdefect Rmx feat. Mark Boombastik)



105: Bostich

Percusive, downtempo electronica from Tijuana.

Bostich - Autobanda