126: DJ Olive

A C&D, a war blogger turned music blogger, and a master's thesis have all encouraged me to get an update up here. I've been away for a little while now, part of the time being out of the country and the rest of the time, working longer hours. But I've missed the blogosphere, so I'll try to get some more updates up here soon. For one thing, I have a back catalogue of music needs reviewing (apologies to anyone's e-mails I haven't answered by the way).

So long overdue for a mention is DJ Olive, a member of the very underrated WE(tm). The style is a kind of 4am downtempo electronic jazz. These tracks are from DJ Olive's new solo LP, Bodega.

DJ Olive - Cross Under
DJ Olive - Round Fire Strut

DJ Olive - Rooster Rooster