104: Subtle

So I've decided that Radio Babylon should be a weekly blog for the time being, with the intent of going back to three or four posts a week. It's nothing personal you understand, there's just been a lot on my plate lately and I'm about to go away for the weekend, and blah blah blah. No excuses, let me post some music before I head out. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving by the way.

New on Lex Records is a new LP from a side project of cLOUDDEAD frontman Dose One. Subtle has a bit of that Lex/Anticon/Mush Records sound except, well, more subtle. Kind of a simpler, easier to digest version, but no less impressive. New album, A New White, is out now.

Subtle - F.K.O.



103: Blog Links//The Ripoff Artist

Again, I have no time to blog, but I'm blogging anyway, because I've had to skip it so much lately. So unfortunately, this is gonna be a real quick one. The goods news is that I've updated my blogroll, so check out Lickety Spit, Selector de Frecuencias (Mexican music blog, in Spanish), and Byron Bitchlaces (I know this is an old one, and I don't know why I never added it before, but in case you missed it before, here it is). Also the address for Fluxblog has changed, he's dropped the blogspot out of it. More blogs coming to the sidebar soon.

Today's music is the glitch pop of Kid 606's label mate from Tigerbeat 6. And sadly, that's all the time I've got for reviewing, but dammit we needed another update. Sorry, more coming later.

The Ripoff Artist - Vibrating Vegetable



102: Untitled//The Real Tuesday Weld

This week I hope to be updating a little more than I have been. The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy, so that when I get home, my natural instinct is to walk through the door and then collapse, preferably somewhere away from the door so that I'm not inconveniencing my roommates. But there's a ton of music that needs to be blogged about, so I'm gonna try to get to a lot of it. So fingers crossed, let's see what happened.

At any rate, I have some music for you today from The Real Tuesday Weld. The first time I saw the video for Bathtime in Clerkenwell, I was impressed, but to be honest, I didn't think rest of the album would be any good. I have to say though, the more I hear of it, the more it grows on me. I, Lucifer is the debut album from this London based artist, based on the book of the same name by Glen Duncan. I was immediately reminded of the novelty that first surrounded the Squirrel Nut Zippers (remember them?) when Hell came out, but The Real Tuesday Weld has a more electic sound, mixing synthesizers (including 303 basslines) and samples into the album. At it's most upbeat, it sounds like something Mr. Scruff might play live. But the album is unique, part novelty act, and part soundtrack to a story about the devil. I'm debating with myself whether this is something that the novelty will wear off from pretty quickly. Either way here are a couple of live tracks from I, Lucifer as well as an alternate version of The Ugly and The Beautiful. To really hear what the deal is, I recommend watching the award winning video for the single, Bathtime in Clerkenwell, which you can see here.

The Real Tuesday Weld - The Ugly and The Beautiful (Cha Cha Cha)

The Real Tuesday Weld - Terminally Ambivalent Over You (Live)

The Real Tuesday Weld - La Bete et La Belle (Live)




More apologies. Yes, I did accidentally confuse the names of Richard and John Ashcroft. Richard Ashcroft was of course the lead singer of The Verve, and has never (to the best of my knowledge) served as part of any presidental cabinet. Whereas John Ashcroft is a douchebag. I hope this clears up any confusion.


100: Post-post-election blog//Boom Bip

First of all, apologies for not blogging more lately. I still haven't moved to Canada, I've just been a bit busy. That and, yeah, I was upset about the election and everything that's happened since. But first, let me say that everyone who supported Kerry still played an important role here. The worst thing that could have happened would have been Bush winning by a landslide, but his victory was narrow, even discounting all of the glitches that have been brought up in the past week. Unfortunately, Bush doesn't seem to see it this way as he has been refusing to answer questions in press conferences. Of course, he always did this, but now he's calling it "the will of the people." Even the most die hard Republican supporters should be upset that a single day after his reelection, he has basically said that it's the people's choice to have a repression of information. I'm sure most of them have not intrepreted it this way, Bush's invoking "the will of the people" for all of his unpopular decisions is fiercely undemocratic. Bush is also saying that he's earned "political capital" that he intends to use, implying more conservative decisions on his part in the next four years. In other words, Bush ruining the environment, losing over a million jobs, giving the biggest tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% of the country, and violating international and attacking an innocent third world nation in the pursuit of the world on terror inc., if all of this was Bush being a "moderate," I don't want to think about what's going to happen when he lets his ultra conservative heart sore. It seems telling to me that one member of the state department (specifically, Bush's "point man for counterterrorism policy") and two members of Bush's cabinet have already resigned after his reelection. And this even includes Richard "That Topless Statue of Justice Has Gotta Go" Ashcroft. Not to mention all those who resigned in his first four years, mostly notably former terrorism czar, Richard Clarke. This is my reaction to people who said Bush deserved another four years for continuity in the war on terror. Actually because of his policies, we'd had much less continuity with so many key figures resigning. I'm wondering how many people will come to protest his inauguration. I understand the White House is already preparing. Sorry if some of my posts in the near future sound a bit cynical, but this guy's a lot worse. I'm not going to take it to the extreme that he is, there are some good people in south and the other red states (wasn't it relatively recently that being "red" was considered a fate worse than death?).

A reminder that Ohio isn't all bad (apologies to Ohio residents, but the wounds are still fresh) is Columbus resident, Bryan Hollon, better known as Boom Bip. Having started early on collaborating with vocalist Dose One, his own music came to the forefront as one of Lex Records' top artists in the wake of cLOUDDEAD's success. The sound has some similarities, but Boom Bip has more of a dynamic instrumental sound where cLOUDDEAD focuses on vocal performance. The first mp3 is from the upcoming Young Machines remix album from Her Space Holiday (also to feature remixes by Matmos, Dntel, Blockhead, Broken Spindles, Stereolab - in other words, it looks effing good). The other two are from his first collaborations from with Dose One, featured on the album, Circle.

Her Space Holiday - The Luxury of Loneliness (Boom Bip Remix)

Boom Bip & Dose One - Dead Man's Teal


Boom Bip & Dose One - Me and People



It's been one set back or problem after another the last couple of weeks. Returning shortly, hopefully tomorrow (fingers crossed), there's much to discuss.